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Mouarf, faut que je kill mon android... sur mon A3 2016...

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Call for reviewers 

Hey there!

Among other things you can do to help the project, you can help us review the work being done by other contributors.

This is incredibly helpful to increase the quality of contributions, and it's also a good way to understand better how #Funkwhale works internally while improving your own skills, such as programming (Python, Javascript), webdesign, REST APIs, documentation and writing, databases, sysadmin, ansible, docker, automation, etc.


It's open to anyone, and you don't have to commit on anything: if you are interested, create an account on and send me a message with your username and your areas of interest and I'll add you to the corresponding groups.

If, for any reason you want to stop, you can leave the groups on your own (or ask me to remove you).


When someone submits a contribution and want some reviews, they'll simply mention the corresponding groups. This is where you receive a notification.

Click the link, read the contribution and post one or more comments, if you have any:

- Questions (even, and *especially* questions that might sound silly)
- Improvements suggestions
- Proof-reading
- Feedback
- Testing

If you have nothing to say, but want to let the contributor know you reviewd their work, you can also leave a thumb up.

Literally *any* of the above helps!

You don't have to review everything that is sent your way, and are also free to chose which contributions you are comfortable reviewing.

Thank you so much for your help!


Je regardais par curiosité, ROM "clean" and co, bon,

j'ai qui clignote déja sur le site car : cdn cloudflare, fonts gstatic... mouais

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Funkwhale, API, rate-limiting 

Finally, you want third-party API clients to understand what's going on:

- how many requests they can send
- what are the configured limits on the pod
- if they are limited, when will they be able to retry

Documenting, structuring and exposing this in a (hopefully) meaningful way was almost half of the work

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Bonjour Masto ;-) Mon projet est lancé, on y est ;-) (aussi sur l'oiseau bleu et sur un réseau social professionnel). N'hésitez pas à venir faire un tour, et merci d'avance pour les éventuels REPOUET. Bonne journée à toutes et tous.

Hello la federation,y a quelqu un qui utilise ici ? Si oui, dans quel but ?
Pcq en resumé, c est juste un navigateur sans historique, sans compte, "sans trackeur" avec les addons pre-integrees pour la ?

J'avais lu que sur un terme, il remplacerait l actuelle app android (d ailleurs, il est sur -droid le klar).

Qui serait pret a l utiliser par defaut sur son android ?

Merci de votre avis ;)

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Je sais pas quel site à vendu mon mail, mais il est grand temps que je migre sur et ainsi les traquer pour les vendre à la avec le

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#PeerTube vient de passer en version 1.4.1 et corrige les quelques bugs de la version 1.4.0.

A vos mises à jour !

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#Astuce #Nextcloud : vous pouvez intégrer Nextcloud à #Thunderbird grâce à l'extension

Ainsi, lorsque vous joindrez un fichier volumineux à votre message, Thunderbird vous proposera de l'envoyer sur votre espace de stockage et intégrera le lien dans le mail. Rapide et pratique ! 👍

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What OS camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible
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A few reasons I like :arch:

New software but still stable
Supports doing things your own way (for the most part)
No GUI installer raises the barrier to entry
It’s flexible
Huge selection of software
Isn’t owned by a large corporation
Doesn’t have an anti-harassment team removing packages because they contain the word “boob”
None of this bullshit
You get to say “btw I use arch”

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Mais RRRHHÂÂÂÂ j'avais pas vu: Les nouvelles versions de #Telegram par défaut DIFFUSENT VOTRE NUMÉRO DE TÉLÉPHONE PORTABLE À TOUS VOS CONTACTS.

Depuis quelle version ils ont fait cette connerie ?

Mais purée de bordel de merde, ils ont du mou de veaux dans la tête ou quoi ??? 😠

Faites bien gaffe à couper l'option:

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If you use the built-in browser don't forget to update the tracking database from time to time.
You won't be tracked (and no ads will be displayed), also pages will be loaded faster.
#Fedilab #Tip

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